hospital information management system (HIMS)

Our e-Health HIMS offers a modular software application suite that supports hospitals to provide the highest level of patient care and information, increase efficiency of internal operations and manage seamlessly from multiple devices and geographies.

Remote Monitoring and Treatment of Patients

Our e-Health system allows doctors to monitor and treat patients from a remote location. The doctors and authorized users of system will be able to view and manage the Case history, Drug details, Patient Vitals, Lab & X-ray reports and all the comprehensive information pertaining to the treatment of the patients and hospital administration, on-the-go, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction!

Paperless Automated Processes

The modularly built e- Health HIMS,paperless solution,automates the operational policies, procedures and processes across any type of hospital supply chain and can be deployed at stand-alone hospitals, multi-location super-specialty hospitals, ambulatories, diagnostics and pharmacies, independently or collectively.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal grants rights to patients to log in to the system using their unique log in credentials in order to book appointments, view doctors’ schedules, and access and download their medical reports and documents, in just a few clicks, from the comfort of their home. This minimizes the need to be physically present in the healthcare institution in order to book an appointment with a doctor, or to view their own medical records.

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Improving money management capabilities e-Health offers an ‘e-Wallet’ to promote efficient billing procedures when a patient is admitted and is being treated in the hospital. Payments for diagnostics, pharmacy, and other departments get directly deducted from the prepaid mobile e-wallet. This in turn minimizes the need to carry physical money and makes the billing processes quick and seamless.

Digital Signage

e-Health provides digital signage facility wherein the patients are self-assisted with all the informationrelated to the services of the hospital. The digital signage system using LED/LCD screens displays the name of the consulting doctor, room number and direction, doctor’s profile, patient’s token number for consultation and appointment status. The system enables patient education by displaying the doctor’s cases, health tips, wellness packages and any other relevant information the hospital desires to publish.

Self Service Healthcare Kiosk

e-Health’s innovative and easy-to-use Healthcare Kiosk increases patient satisfaction by lowering waiting times and providing higher levels of convenience and privacy. Using the kiosk, patients can self-register, book appointments, process bills, collect reports and get all the relevant information associated to them and the hospital.

Mobile Enabled Services

The smartly designed, extremely user-friendly, and highly efficient mobile application for doctors, patients, and the management, lets e-health HIMS to be used anytime anywhere, enabling remote patient care and interaction, operational and management efficiency.


e-Health Suite is completely modular and easily customizable enabling addition of services progressively. Any third party or home grown modules can also be integrated seamlessly with e-health HIMS. The modules are as listed.

  • Information Desk Module
  • Patient Registration Module
  • Outpatient Management Module
  • Inpatient Management Module
  • Pharmacy Information System
  • Admission, Transfer, Discharge (ADT)
  • Patient Care Module
  • Consulting Appointment Management
  • Service Order Processing
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Radiology/Medical Information System
  • Casualty & Emergency Management System
  • Bed Management
  • Ward Management Module
  • Materials Management System (Stock, Purchasing and Fixed Asset Module)
  • Cashier Module
  • Nursing Management System
  • Operating Room Module
  • Electronic Medical Records Module
  • Interface Module
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Module
  • Blood Bank Module
  • Dietary Module/Catering Module
  • Queue Management Module (QMS)
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Human Resources Module
  • Statistics and Reporting Module (MIS)

Why our e-Health HIMS Suite?

  • Advanced and highly customizable
  • Solutions for all functional modalities
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Easy to implement, use, and update
  • Completely secured and reliable
  • Compliant to industry standards
  • Patient portal to access data remotely
  • Mobile App to access data on the go
  • e-wallet for efficient billing procedures

Customization & Implementation

Our experienced teams will conduct the customization and implementation of the e-Health HIMS. Subsequent to the thorough analysis of your business processes and mapping it with the e-health HIMS our teams undertake relevant customization to suit your business and systems.

Testing & Training

Comprehensive testing will be carried our during the implementation phase for ensuring data integrity, user acceptance and stability. Our consultant will train all the users so that they can maximize the potential of the e-health HIMS deployment within your organization and effectively use it for substantial business benefits.

Post Implementation Maintenance

Being a mission critical application, our maintenance department will offer post implementation maintenance for user support, software issues, upgrades and preventive support to avoid major break down occurrences.

standards compliance

Standards Compliance

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