Judiciary Automation System

Suite of Judicial and Law Enforcement management software products for courts and law enforcement departments at all levels.

Effectively managing online hearing, appearance and trial in a virtual court:

Remote case management and virtual hearings with associated online proceedings allowing the parties to comply with the deadlines set for any document submission to the Court or related appearances of parties.


Speedy Case Processing Speedy Case Processing

Enables the Judicial Administrators to process cases rapidly by seamlessly working with case parties and lawyers. Automated processes frees time for court staff to provide high quality value-added services for more challenging issues./p>

Case Tracking Case Tracking

Automates and tracks all aspects of a case life cycle from initial filing through to disposition and appeals, related to any case type or individual party. Helps court administrators to track and manage the innumerable cases moving through different stages of the judicial process.

Case e-Filing Case e-Filing

Enables case specific data collection, organization, distribution, archiving and retrieval of information quickly and efficiently. By securely storing all case related documents in a reliable data cloud, Qourt makes the case information available to judges; lawyers and litigants at any-time and at any place.

Timely Response to Routine Actions Timely Response to Routine Actions

Automated processes to ensure court users, parties and citizens to get a consistent and timely response to routine actions. Providing judges, officials and litigants with a comprehensive view of each case. Qourt enables faster decision making and better case control, promoting fairness, transparency and efficiency in court administration.

Cause List & Scheduling Cause List & Scheduling

Calendaring and Scheduling to effectively manage court rooms and hearings based on judge’s availability and publish automatically the daily, weekly and monthly Cause List. Qourt helps court administrators to easily schedule hearings, assign tasks, set reminders, send notifications and convene staff meetings.

Fee management Fee management

Qourt’s automated payment collection feature simplifies payment procedures to automate fee calculation, invoice generation and billing, reducing the administration burden on court staff. Qourt automates all financial aspects of justice administration to make it hassle-free for all stakeholders.

E-discovery E-discovery

Wading through the infinite number of electronic and non-electronic litigation documents, costs much time and effort as resources are always in short supply in busy court rooms. Qourt’s powerful search functionality enables courts to rapidly search and mine through documents of all types and formats.

Alerts Alerts

Enabling Parties to subscribe and receive an alert whenever there is an activity on their case. Timely alerts are sent to parties, court staff and associated entities prompting actions on tasks assigned as per the case plan related to a case.

Access Control Access Control

Courts deal with data and documents that are extremely sensitive and confidential. Qourt is highly secured to prevent misuse and theft of data. Qourt’s built-in access control feature enables courts to restrict system access of court documents to authorized stakeholders and personnel.

Communication Communication

The lack of timely co-ordination among stakeholders is a primary cause for various delays in the justice system. Qourt enables timely communication among the stakeholders through email, SMS and other messaging options within the system.

Templates Management Templates Management

Pre-defined court document templates are useful and reusable, helping alleviate the tedium of creating documents from scratch each time. Qourt’s Templates feature enables court staff to easily create and edit subpoenas; warrants; affidavits; orders and decisions.

Intuitive Data Visualizations Intuitive Data Visualizations

Numerous data visualizations and customized dashboards for the judiciary, court staff and the legal community for decision making and understanding the court activities in time.

Associate Agency Data Integration Associate Agency Data Integration

Access to data seamlessly as it flows within the judicial ecosystem between police; subordinate courts; apex/appellate courts; law enforcement; government and associated agencies, improving communication and reducing the possibility of processing errors.

Workflow Management Workflow Management

Moving from the ad-hoc to thoughtfully designed court processes helps ramp up the efficiency of courts. The powerful workflow feature in Qourt, helps set-up streamlined processes and workflows that are unique to each individual court.

Software as a Service (SAAS) Software as a Service (SAAS)

High performance, full featured court case management system in the cloud that can be configured for any type of court. The Qourt Product can be acquired on a Software-as-a service (SAAS) licensing and delivery model where software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted on Microsoft Azure Platform.

Easy to implement Easy to implement

Qourt for the courts or law enforcement agencies can be implemented quite rapidly. The system is designed to be configured and customised with minimal effort compared to a on premise application software implementation.

Cost Effective Cost Effective

Qourt is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) offering with an option to pay as the product is used. The customer pays only for the services that is used, providing a level of convenience and cost-control that’s impossible to achieve with an on-premise infrastructure and implementation. The system is purpose built to work on Microsoft Azure platform.

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