Our Offshoring model is based on assembling the right Development/Testing team for the specific needs of your project, and working with you through our Agile development process. We seamlessly adapt to your specific software development and testing needs and preferred engagement model.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) sets up fully dedicated team(s) of any size for software development and other IT related services, with specific skill sets to ensure the right match for your technical and business needs to maximize the output of your offshore development investment.

Offshore Testing Center (OTC)

Our Offshore Testing Center (OTC) helps customers to outsource software testing at lower cost and lower risk. We offer tailored, dedicated testing teams with required skill sets and experience, which can adapt to your specific working processes, testing needs and technology choices to ensure tight alignment with your customer’s need.

Instant Access to People, Processes and Infrastructure

By establishing a dedicated development center with AnlonITS you get instant access to optimum technology skillset, ready-to-use IT infrastructure and established software development processes.

extend your development center

Our infrastructure and team becomes your extended development center in our premises. The outsourcing team works together and communicates directly with the customer to create a product that’s tightly aligned with your business needs and design requirements. The team works in close contact with you to make technology and software architecture decisions, and promptly resolve technical issues encountered during the development process.

Our working process focuses on Agile Development, while adapting to your existing development methodology and processes to make sure seamless integration of the team in your technical environment happens from the early phase of the project.

Major advantages of our ODC services:
  • Effective Agile/Scrum methodology with a strong focus on teamwork and collaboration with customer
  • Lower cost of delivery through standardization, simplification, process harmonization & scale leverage
  • Faster turn around and shorter time-to-market to put you ahead of the competition while lowering development costs
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated and stable team members to help establish a well-defined methodology or process for the client and apply it continuously to improve speed and efficiency

control testing budget

By using our OTC service, customers can maximize the advantages of offshore outsourcing while keeping control of the testing budget, confidentiality, security, communications and daily performance.We have also proved that Agile and Lean thinking can be successfully applied to software testing to improve internal/external collaboration, increase productivity, shorten the feedback loop, reduce waste and generate more business value to our customers. We offer expert testing teams to bring these benefits to your project.

Major benefits of our OTC services:
  • Cost-effective offshore outsourcing on fixed monthly cost
  • Rapid scaling up/down at a short notice.
  • Better control over testing plan, process and testing budget.
  • Modern and secured workstation /network /communication infrastructure
  • Confidentiality and Intellectual property rights protection

why engage with AnlonITS?

On-Demand Client Team Extension

By offering on-demand staff augmentation, AnlonITS empowers companies with their own in-house IT teams and established processes, methodologies and tools to satisfy ad hoc demand in extra resources with domain-specific expertise.

Extensive Skill Set

AnlonITS offers expertise in all major technologies, and domain knowledge to satisfy even the most complex project needs. We have the capacity to draw on our vast pool of experienced IT resources to scale your project team in line with the evolving project needs.

Knowledge Retention and Transfer

All accumulated project-specific knowledge retained inside the team is shared consistently with new team members and transferred to the customer in its entirety upon project completion. This is particularly valuable for engagements around multiple projects or projects of extensive scope with long duration.

Full-Service Development Teams

AnlonITS builds professional full-time dedicated software development teams based on ready-to-use IT infrastructure to handle end-to-end delivery of your IT project. The customer is granted the flexibility to shift priorities and initiate change requests as the projects demand grow

Maintenance & Sustaining Engineering Teams

We set up dedicated teams adept at guiding your proprietary software product through a series of releases, providing multi-level end user support and evolutionary functionality enhancement in line with your long-term product development planning.

Cost Effective Offerings

You tell us your team expansion objectives, projects and needs and leave it to AnlonITS to come up with offerings tailored to your specific needs within the desired budget.

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